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Wonder Book Review

Wonder is one of my fav books. I have read it before but because I enjoyed it so much I am currently reading it again. I have read the book and watched the movie and love them both so much. I really like the storyline and think that it is interesting and fun! I have been really wanting to watch the movie again because of how much I enjoy watching it. I think the author has written Wonder very well because of how much interesting language and detail is in the book. I am for sure going to watch the movie soon because I miss it soo much. I like how the movie and book are both so similar. In my opinion I think the movie has been created to match the book perfectly. In the book there are different sections, which explain each of the characters and what happens in their life. I like all of the characters and their role in the movie and book. I really payed close attention to the language when I was reading a part of the book. It was explaining the main characters appearance. The main characters name is August. I like how much detail was put in the description and it made me visualise his appearance in my head. Overall this is an amazing book and if you have not read it yet I definitely think you should read it and watch the movie.


inky State Library Victoria

Welcome elissacrom! Wonder is one of my favourite books too. I love the change of pov and the whole triumph of it.

26th Jun, 20

Great Job!

17th Sep, 20

#I love the book! I understand this is REALLY late, but, i always will love that book.

17th Sep, 20