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Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls

Currently I am reading the first Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls. I like how this book is non-fiction because usually I read fiction books. This book provides images of different girls because it is about many girls from all around the world pursuing their passions and doing what they love. A lot of them face challenges throughout their life and fight for what they think is right. I enjoy learning about different girls around the world and I 100% recommend this book. It is so interesting and I wanted to read it again. It has taught me so much and I am excited to finish reading it once again. Each page is about a different person and I like how I can learn about more than one girl.  Every girl in this book has something they want people to know. I hope I have convinced you that it is a really good book and I hope that someday soon you get to read it!

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I wrote about this book not too long ago. I read it to my little sister EVERY DAY! She loves it!

11th Sep, 20